Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take a break

Sorry, I forgot I had blog here.This happen when you got 3 life - 3 blog with 3 different account to maintain.

Just snippets :
1. Been traveling lots so spend my time mostly outside the house.Darling husband just gave me his Oct-Nov schedule ; he 's going to DBX and South Korea for visiting and I had to stay behind, take care the house and kids. Sure darling, just give me extra money and unlimited CC than everything is done.. hehehehhe

2. Nothing much happen with TTWD, as I was sick and we were busy around here to discuss or implement it. We kind of a normal person now, let say that we just take a break. Sometimes, you just have to give up on something when you have other priority. In this case, my health is more important.

3. When everything is back to it supposed to be, I will writing again.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My history in DD

I reopen my older blog on DD, . Actually that the second blog, the first blog is from another account. You will understand better about me and my back ground, before you jump into conclusion, at least.

When I started blogging in 2008, it was hard. People judging me and said that I'm not fit in their community ( DD group). They taught my husband was too harsh on me because of our back ground. I guess they never come out from their place, they just judging base on what the west media reported in news. I choose this life style not because of my religion, but it something that I craved in my marriage. I don t want to be an arrogant and stubborn wife anymore. I want a healthy marriage and here I am now.

We're a normal person outside the house. When we went out, we were more like best friend, best buddies. We never shared about our life style with other people. Sometimes its hard to pretending something you're not but no choice, as long we're happy with it, it doesn't really matter.

Now I'm back to my hometown, the place I grow up and spend 23 years here. I'm so thankful because I got a chance to go out and stay in Canada for 5 years, learned a new culture, life style, people and yes, I know about DD on my third year there. It was a trial n error and now it been a part of our life.

In, will explain how I feel and going through the hard time with DD community. Because of the stupid jokes- Thing that u shouldn't said to your spouse during spanking. Because I said "You're spank like a gay "is something you shouldn't say to your spouse during spanking. I mean it. But others think its disrespectful to the community. I'm sorry, I don't have any intention to condemn any gay out there. its only what I think we shouldn't said like that to our spouse, because I respect my HOH. That was the ending of my connection with DD friend/ I don't get a chance to defense my self at that time. You were so harsh to me and I will never forget about what you write to me. There's no way I'll go back there. Now, after 4 years, I'm proud to stand by myself, without any support group.

Feel free to ask and will try to answer my best.

Thanks you for reading this.

Angelin aka Elin.

Gosh... I'm so relieve after writhing this.. after three years... and if "YOU" accidentally reading this, please leave me alone, I'm moved on but I won't forget what you did to me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Another punisment for being disrecpectful


I spend all the money that were given for monthly budget. its August 12 and I'm broke, ok! What I'm gonna do?

Last night, he caned me, really hard. I accidentally broke a new serving plate that I bought last month. I had a habit into find someone to blame. So I tell him, if he didn't asked me to open that cabinet, the plate won't fall down and break into pieces. To make it more worse, I told him I don't mind at all, because I used CC to buy it, so technically its not my money. Being HOH , of course he not happy with my attitude. I don't know why I said like that. I mean, I really frustrated because that's the last plate I got in that shop and I haven't got a chance to use it.

So we had a date later at night. I know I will get a cane, but somehow I try to escape it, so I gave him a scrapper.

"Where 's the cane ? "

"How about this? "

"No, this is for punishment, not for you pleasures. You better obey me of I give double to you,

"Ok "

"You know why I have to cane you? "

"I clean up the house, and dinner is ready is ready when you're home, '

"Thank you, I really appreciate that. Now tell me, what did you did during dinner? "

"Er.. because I broke the plate , "

"Not really, I know things happen but you being disrespectful to me by saying its not your money. You're careless, and you didn't want to admit it ,instead you put the blame on me. I don't want this attitude anymore, not from my wife. "

"I'm sorry, "

"Now take of your clothes and bend over the table, "

"How many? I just want to know, "

"I'll decided ! "

The cane seem took forever and its hurt. I did move at first and he warned me, if I didn't submit to him, I will get more and the hard one. Ok, focus.. it will gone, soon.

"No, I can't! "

" Get down and bend on the floor, "

"No, that's gonna be freaking hurt , "

"I told you to submit but you didn't.

"I'm, sorry.. please..."

He finished with 20 strokes. I thanked him after that. He hugged and told me that I'm forgiven. He send me to bed so I can rest and later joined me, cuddled me and we had a great sex. Sex always comforting me after caning. Its ok, as long both of us enjoyed it , so why not?

Just a little note, I didn't advice canning for beginner. It took many years to practice. Hey, practice make perfect, right?

Ok, back to the story. I spend all the money. I'd lost track this month. I know why and I hope he will correct it. I hope he will be more strict to me on money spending. I hope he spank me for using CC more than the limit he told so. I wish... he spank every dollar I waste on buying take out food because I'm so lazy to cook.

But I still want that Prada, ok :))

Friday, August 5, 2011

August challenge: 1,2,3 ...

I want to buy more time, can I?

I was a bit disorganized and procrastinated this few weeks. There is something distract me; winning a contest. I'm addicted join contest. It was happened last April when my kids won photo contest, then I won Coach handbag on the next month, and another until yesterday, I got few vouchers for KFC and books. I kept and couldn't stop. Its fun, I mean who doesn't like winning and getting something for free.

But someone was not very happy with this. Ok , I'll give all my movie tickets that I won to him because there is no way I'm going to watch movie with my kids. ( they might screaming in cinema, although I think its cool to bring them to watch Car Movies but my husband won't approve because of the age). So last 2 days, we had a date .

"Three things that I want you to do this month ; first, settle the kids in the morning. Second, the house must be topless when I come home in the evening. Third, dinner is ready , at least almost ready. It doesn't matter you cook or buy it, as long as I come home, I don't want to see you with your netbook while the cooking is not done. Do you understand? "

"What about if I fail to do so? "

"Do you see this cane? "

"Yes sir, "

"Good, now I'm going to give you reminder so that you will remember your duty and who is the king in this house , "

"Now? "

"Take off your pants , "

The canes is hurt, but not so hurt like the previous day.He told me that he will make sure I will get more if I fail to complete the task. We'll see.

Day 1, I completed the task before he coming home. Day 2, had to cheat a little bit; take away food from restaurant. Day 3 which is tomorrow, we will have company at our place for dinner so automatically my house will be topless. Day 4, may be we should dining out. Day 5, hem... think.. think.....

I think its time to buy Emilie Barnes book, or may be Martha Stewart. I just need motivation to keep on the track.

So this is my August challenge. Wish me a luck!

Another challenge is to win a trip to Bangkok for whole family.... hehehehhehe

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angelin's survey

I know i been missing for long, I'm too busy with life, I wish I can buy more time.

Since everyone do this survey, why not me?

What is your screen name?

How long have you been practicing TTWD?
4 years

What is your astrological sign?

In what part of the country do you live?
Southeast Asia

Do you have children?
yes, two son

Do you have grandchildren?

What is your favorite color?
blue and red

What is your favorite day of the week?

Morning or Evening?

Favorite TV Show?
Desperate Housewife, How I meet your mother, Leverage,Justified

Favorite pro sport?

Favorite Ice Cream?
Mango flavor from Baskin Robbin

Person from Blogland you'd like to meet?
Anyone who want to meet me :)

Person from Blogland who makes you laugh?
Stormy , Kay and Kitty

Person from Blogland you identify with the most?
Danielle from Becoming Adam's Angel, I guess she stop blogging now

First person who welcomed you to blogging?
I don't remember , it was long time ago

Title of your first blog entry?
King and his Angel

What are you wearing on your feet right now?

What are you listening to right now

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Coffee or Tea?
Black coffee

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Tropicana orange juice

Favorite alcoholic drink?
I don't drink

Favorite vacation spot?
all premium outlet in States

Favorite Holiday?
June.. its a school break, like summer holiday in Western countries

Favorite season?
leaving in hot and humid weather all the year, there is no season at all. Back in Canada, I like summer.

Place you want to visit?
Australia, New Zealand and European countries

If you had to start all over again, would you still choose TTWD?

Best piece of advice you can pass on about TTWD?
Don't expect him to read your mind, just tell him what you need. Always discuss and respect each other.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spanking during vacation

I'm on the road for 4 days. It was a hectic and pack journey, we moved to one place to another place and with the hot and humid weather, kids acting .. really tensed me. So last night, King decided its time for me to get spanking because I'd been grumpy and disrespectful to him . And also I scream at the kids a lot because they're really testing their mum!!!

We're in hotel with 2 kids. We got to wait until midnite for spanking session. No cane , no paddle , only his belt. Actually I saw wooden coat hanger in the closet but I don't want to take a risk. Never try it before and I don't know how much pain I would get from that hanger. We turn the shower n tap water, close the bathroom door and he began to spank and lecture me. Hopefully nobody hear it.

This is the first time I got spanking during vacation. I accepted it because I know I deserved it. He loved me and will do anything to make me happy . I'm a happy spank-able wife :))

So kids, we're going to botanical garden today while daddy visiting sites . Weather, please be kind to me today.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another punishment

Mum and dad finally went home. My older kids got night class and the baby was asleep. We just finished watching Leverage season 3 ( repeated)

"Did I do anything wrong today, "

"Yes , "

"What did I do? Or may be I should ask this, what you gonna do? "

"Up stairs, now! "


He took the cane from the office and pointed me to the bedroom. I think I shouldn't argue this time; I'm hungry n lets finished it!

"I don't approve your behavior this morning. How many time I told you never to raise your voice over me. Even if I did something wrong, you cannot yell at me , "

"I'm sorry , "

"Take of your pants and bend over the bed , "

I moved my jeans slowly and bend over

"The panties too , "

"But ...."

"Now! "

I pulled the panties half, because I'm wearing a pad n its my third day of period, ok!

The canning is hurt this time, I don 't enjoy any of strokes. But the great thing is, everything is settled and we had a great dinner at Chinese restaurant.

The end.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snippet for this week


1. I did get spanking for damaging car- 30 strokes with canes.. and I really enjoyed it. Excuse me? It was great, is not really hurt. Well it suppose to be hurt but not that hurt.

2. My parents stayed with us for 4 days and actually arrived during his birthday. Did I get the birthday spanking? Of course I did, I'm not sure they listened or not. If they asked, I will simply answer, we were playing :))

3. I didn't get a chance to buy a new cane for him as his birthday present, as my mother always by my side every time we went out.

4. We combined the birthday celebration at Pizza Hutt because I'm so lazy to cook any special dish.

5. I'm so lazy this few days, may be because I got help lots from my parents.

6. I got fight with him this morning. I'm so mad because he didn't wake me up as usually and as a result off, I'm such in hurry and start blaming him. He not happy with my tone so he told me to stop complaining and start to work. Frustrated with him, I decided to stay on bed and sleep with my baby. I let him settled our son. All the best to him !!!

7. Mum and dad just go home . Will I get spanking tonite for being rude to him this morning? I don't know, wish me a luck.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Opss.. I did it again

I hit our car again.. damn!

It happened when I park the car and hit the divider. Not a minor scratch but HUGE, ok! And its a brand new car.

To be honest, this is the third time actually and the first time he let it go, the second time I didn't tell him, so he assumed his fault ( because he hit our gate after the incident, lucky me ) .

I'm planning to tell him later at night but my son break it during dinner time.

"Mum scratch the car again , "

"Finish your food and stop talking , "

"I say, mum scratch the car again , "

I gave a look to him. You little kid, can't u just let mummy handle this thing?

"So, you hit the car again , how was it ? "

"Its kind a big scratch this time . You're not going to cut my allowance, don't you, "

"We'll see the damage first, "

Did I get the spanking? I don't know. I never get spank for spending or damaging stuff. Lucky me? I'm not sure.

Question: If this incident happen to you, will your HOH spank you?

Just curious to know. Thank you.

Fascinating Womanhood

How many of you own and read this book? I was introduced to this book during my first year in TTWD but i refused to buy. Then 2 years later somebody gave me a free e book of The Secret of Fascinating Womanhood. After reading it, I know what missing in our life . It was me, I tried to change my husband to become other person. Immediately, I place an order for the book and start to read.

I"m not good in writing but all I can say is this book helps me to understand why I should submit to my husband, what is my role as a wife and mother and why I should trust my husband decision.

If I found myself struggling to submit my husband, I will read this book again. It covers every aspect in this life. TTWD is not enough for me to be a better wife and with the combination with Fascinating Womanhood, it just perfect. I'm still reading this book now .

If anyone want to buy this book, they can get at Amazon. Just type Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin.