Saturday, September 24, 2011

Take a break

Sorry, I forgot I had blog here.This happen when you got 3 life - 3 blog with 3 different account to maintain.

Just snippets :
1. Been traveling lots so spend my time mostly outside the house.Darling husband just gave me his Oct-Nov schedule ; he 's going to DBX and South Korea for visiting and I had to stay behind, take care the house and kids. Sure darling, just give me extra money and unlimited CC than everything is done.. hehehehhe

2. Nothing much happen with TTWD, as I was sick and we were busy around here to discuss or implement it. We kind of a normal person now, let say that we just take a break. Sometimes, you just have to give up on something when you have other priority. In this case, my health is more important.

3. When everything is back to it supposed to be, I will writing again.

Have a nice weekend!